Murphy v East West Toll -

How you can help

Going to the Supreme Court is not cheap – even where extensive volunteer support is garnered and Fitzroy Legal Service is providing pro bono support.

To fund the case we need your help.

The costs of this case fall into two phases:

1.    The preliminary pre-trial hearings, which are underway now; and

2.    The full trial requiring expensive expert witnesses, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

There may not be a lot of time before we need to deal with court costs and engage these experts so we are asking for your support now.

A donation for the future of your State

Major transport projects such as the proposed East West Link can define our city and even our state for generations to come.  Polls over the past 12 months show clearly that the community is not convinced this road will solve the key transport problems and deliver access to sustainable transport choices. We cannot afford to to be burdened with an $18 billion debt (which will also be inflicted on our children as this will need to be paid off for decades).  This project is not economically viable and experts agree it would not solve the traffic issues currently slowing Victoria down.

By donating to this case you are making sure the business case for the East West Link – Stage 1 is put to the test and our taxpayer dollars are spent properly and well.  Please make an investment in our future and in the accountability of our government to us.

What your donation will provide:

Fitzroy Legal Service is relying extensively on volunteer and community support in this litigation, and the team as a whole is working hard to keep costs to a minimum.  Donations are needed for unavoidable disbursements (out of pocket costs) incurred in the course of the hearing – for example, travel and accommodation for witnesses, retainers for experts, costs of counsel, court transcripts and court costs.

Some examples of what your donation would buy are:


A donation of $100 will help pay for preliminary meetings with experts who may be able to support the case in the Supreme Court

$200 – $500+

Donations of $200 – $500 will help pay for costs associated with bringing experts to Melbourne to support our case within the Supreme Court.


Donations of $1000 will help pay for court transcripts, expert reports, and expert / counsel fees should the case go to full hearing.

DISCLAIMER – the above are estimates only and funds contributed will enter a pool to pay disbursement costs.


How to donate

All donations made into the Murphy VS E-W Toll account for the Murphy legal case will be paid into the Fitzroy Legal Service Trust Account specifically set up for the Murphy legal case.  These donations are not tax deductible and non-refundable.  

Any left over funds not needed specifically for the Murphy legal case will be gifted to Fitzroy Legal Service in recognition of their extraordinary work.

To make a non-tax deductible donation of any amount to the Murphy legal case click here.

If you are making a donation of $1000 or more:

For larger donors, there is the option of making a payment directly to the Fitzroy Legal Service trust account for the Murphy legal case. Your contribution would not be tax deductible, but if there are undisbursed funds in that trust account, you may receive a partial refund.

Please contact ****************, Fitzroy Legal Services, directly on (03) *********** or please email him for further information.  

If tax deductibility is important to you, please discuss your options. Tax deductible gifts to Fitzroy Legal Services will go towards the operations of Fitzroy Legal Services generally, and will not be specifically directed to the Murphy legal case.



The campaign has now finished, this website is an archived record maintained on behalf of the Murphy v East West Toll team by YCAT