Murphy v East West Toll -

Supreme Court Challenge

Victorian resident Anthony Murphy has launched proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria asking the Court to consider whether:

  • the benefit cost ratio, net economic benefit and projected traffic volumes included in the Business Case for East West Link – Stage 1 are deceptive and misleading representations, and
  • these figures have been calculated according to standard methodology as claimed.

An injunction is being sought preventing the State from relying on these representations and preventing contracts being signed in relation to the project if Mr Murphy’s allegations are found to be true. An interim injunction may be sought if necessary to prevent the contracts being signed before the case is resolved.

The case involves important questions around the level of transparency and accountability that should lie on the State when engaging in public private partnerships to fund large infrastructure projects.

Barristers acting in the Supreme Court case are Ron Merkel QC, Melinda Richards SC, Simona Gory, and Caryn Van Proctor, with Fitzroy Legal Service and Shine Lawyers as the solicitors involved.


The campaign has now finished, this website is an archived record maintained on behalf of the Murphy v East West Toll team by YCAT